Aonia – Sheffield Metal to the Masses Winners – Bloodstock 2018

Now the dust has settled a bit – we want to say a MASSIVE thank to you to our Aonia family for helping us to achieve our dream of playing Bloodstock Festival

The event currently covers the full weekend of the festival – when we have confirmation of our stage time, we will update the event accordingly.

We are HUGELY grateful to Bloodstock for the work they do supporting unsigned bands. Massive thanks also go to Jake and Gareth of Rawkus Sheffield, to Rob of Bloodstock who had the unenviable job of judging, and to The Mulberry Bar and Venue for hosting the Sheffield M2M competition. The Sheffield music scene is phenomenal – and it is going from strength to strength thanks to people like these two guys!

We’ve been honoured and humbled to share the stage with so many amazing bands in this journey: Ba’al, Psython, Sobriquet, This State Of Ours, The King Is Dead, Bleating Apocalypse, Zero Point Zero, Rancidium, Forgotten Remains, Air Drawn Dagger, Burn Down The District, Death of Man, and Sinners Sermon. Please check out these bands, as they are all amazing and have done the Sheffield scene proud! The Steel City is, obviously, metal to its core!


Thank you, Sheffield. We are overwhelmed and humbled.