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CD Release – 28th of May, 2021

Video Release – 14th of May 2021

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Aonia are pleased to announce an upcoming acoustic version of their poignant ballad, ‘If You Dare’. The ninth track on the band’s debut album (‘The Seven’), ‘If You Dare’ is based on an Italian song called ‘Vivere,’ which loosely translates to ‘Dare to Live’. The acoustic track also marks guitarist Stuart’s recording debut with Aonia.

Why have Aonia decided to release the stripped-back version of ‘If You Dare’ now?

Quite simply, the song’s lyrics and message are incredibly meaningful in the current climate we all find ourselves in. 

About the lyrics, Jo says, ‘In our lives, there are times when we feel we can’t go on – no way out, no solutions. I wanted the song to speak to those people, to the man or woman who is “on his knees” or “on her knees” to encourage them to go on. I want to say: you will get through this. It’s not going to be forever. You can go on. One of the final lyrics in the song is “step into the fire.” At the minute, with the current times we are in, this is more important than ever before. There are restrictions; there are barriers to many things – relationships, working – it’s all pretty messed up in the world at the minute. But we need to learn to adapt to the things around us and deal with the things that we can control, rather than the things that we’re not able to.’

In addition to the CDs, Aonia have commissioned T-shirts, featuring the AMAZING artwork by Very Metal Art and printed by Monster Screen Prints, to mark the release of the Double A-Side Single. You can pre-order your T-shirts by visiting our merch store!

In addition to the re-imagined ‘If You Dare,’ Aonia have also recorded a cover of Queen’s classic track ‘The Show Must Go On.’

Mistress of Merch, Laura, says, ‘”The Show Must Go On” is a fitting track for the last year after the entire entertainment industry came to a halt due to the pandemic. Many people have missed every different area of entertainment, from the people who work within it, to the people who go to local gigs in their local pub. It’s a great track and even more heartfelt at the moment. The show WILL go on!’

Guitarist Stuart says, ‘We are all massive fans of Queen, and, as with ‘If You Dare,’ the lyrics seem more poignant than ever during these difficult times.
Jo is also hard at work on a video to accompany the single release – the video will go live on our YouTube Channel on the 14th of May – so please be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!

We want to say a HUGE thank you to our Aonia Family for your continued support throughout the past year. Without you, our music is empty.

Much love,