Tim “The Machine” Hall – Keyboards

Tim ‘The Machine’ Hall started playing piano when he was about 8, so…20 years now? (OK, nice try!) He has played in bands since he was 15. The first band he went to see was Iron Maiden in Leicester.

Previous bands include –

Bopping Bertram and the Legless Tortoise Band
Money from America
Durban Poison
Cliff rescue and the Helicopters
Nervus Rex
Crazy Ape
Sirens Kiss
Poison Seed (Sider Hall)
Green Date
The Studs

Tim’s current bands are:- Aonia, The Spinal Taps, The Beautiful Sound, Overdrive, Bluesbursters, The Thieves.

Tim was classically trained till he left school (18), but got into metal and prog from about age 12.

His favourite current bands are – Dreamtheater (of course!), Five Finger Death Punch, Cradle of Filth, Within Temptation, Dreamtheater, Machinehead, Lamb of God, Dreamtheater – but still the old classic stuff to!

Tim’s favourite keyboard players include – Jordan Rudess, Jon Lord (RIP), Mark Kelly, Keith Emerson, Don Airey. Favourite guitarists – too many to mention! John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani, Alan Holdsworth, Eddie Van Halen, Tracey Abbott, Przemek Druzkowski … His influences include, ‘absolutely everything I listen to – from Bach to Bob Marley, Iron Maiden to Cradle of Filth.’

Tim has performed in most situations – from pubs playing to 2 people to festivals playing to a few thousand, from a theatre pit (where the musicians were more concerned about if they’d have time in the interval to get to the pub for a drink than the music) to churches! He has played in England, Wales, Scotland, Belguim, Germany, America, Poland, Greece and Italy.

His favourite drink – alcohol (everything except Advocaat and Guiness)!

Why The Machine? Well, that’s for him to know…and for you to find out!