AoniaFest II – Corporation, Sheffield – Miscreant, Aonia, Dakesis, Fury, Alwaid, FyreSky, Burn Down the District, Divided We Fall, Skeleton Crew, This State of Ours

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  • Corporation, Sheffield
  • October 6, 2018
  • Saturday, 1PM to 10PM

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AoniaFest II – Corporation, Sheffield – Miscreant, Aonia, Dakesis, Fury, Alwaid, FyreSky, Burn Down the District, Divided We Fall, Skeleton Crew, This State of Ours

2 Milton Street, Sheffield, S1 4JU

Saturday, 1PM to 10PM
October 6, 2018


We had such a great time the first time around that we thought we’d do it again!


On the 6th of October 2018, AoniaFest II will touch down at its new home at the Corporation in Sheffield! 


Ticketing link: click here






Miscreant – headliners

Miscreant are a four-piece tech metal band whose catchy riffs and endless energy recently caught the attention of Kerrang! Radio, where they have enjoyed airplay. Their current single, “Let Tomorrow Die,” reached #3 in the iTunes metal single charts.  Miscreant are a band that brings a completely sinister and dark vibe to the UK metal scene, while still achieving bouncy riffs with grooves.


Current single, “Let Tomorrow Die:”






Aonia – hosts

Aonia are a seven-piece operatic/progressive heavy metal band, boasting a dual-wild of ‘sopranos with balls’ as vocalists, shredding twin axes, symphonic keys, and driving drums and bass. Having recently won the Sheffield heat of the Metal 2 the Masses competition, the band appeared on the Bloodstock Festival New Blood Stage in August of 2018. Additionally, vocalists Jo and Mel have featured on the most recent three Blaze Bayley (Blaze Bayley, Wolfsbane, Ex-Iron Maiden) albums and have also won endorsement by Vocalzone.


Current single, “Violet Hours:”







Dakesis are a four piece Progressive Power Metal band from Birmingham, UK, with a reputation for electrifying showmanship, vast progressive storytelling and enough pomp and circumstance to bring a smile to even the dourest viewer. The band have toured the UK extensively, and have performed at many prestigious festivals and venues including Bloodstock Open Air (2012 and 2017), Wildfire Festival (2015), Dames of Darkness (2017), Breaking Bands (2017), the Birmingham 02 Academy and the Tavastia club in Helsinki. 


Current single, “The Great Insurrection:”







Fury are a four piece power / thrash band who play “epic, universe-spanning fantasycore.” With soaring clean vocals and heavy, hard-hitting riffs, Fury’s songs are expansive journeys that take listeners to the edge of the universe. Veterans of Bloodstock (2013 and 2016) HRH Metal (2017) and Hammerfest (2014), Fury have played extensively throughout the UK and abroad, engaging audiences and exciting listeners. With album #3 on the way, the band promises some new and exciting material in addition to fan-favourites from “Lost in Space” and “The Lightning Dream.”


Current single, “Lost in Space:”





Alwaid are a symphonic metal powerhouse based in Lille, France, with powerful vocals that soar over driving riffs and growls. With two full albums under their belt, the band have toured extensively throughout the European continent and the UK. Their most recent work explores the bestial side of humanity – order and chaos, instinct and reason, desire and logic, grandeur and decadence. An accomplished band, Alwaid don’t just sound epic – their live stage show is full of energy and inspiration.


Current single, “Amphisbaena:”







FyreSky are a 4 piece original Goth/Hard band based in Southend On Sea Essex (UK). At the start of the year FyreSky competed in and won the Essex ‘Undiscovered Live Music Project’ having been judged on their originality, song-writing and live performance they came out on top. The band have also recently completed a tour with The Heretic Order and are endorsed by Vocalzone, Collision Drumsticks, and Cloven Hoof Rum.


Current single, “Carpe Noctem:”






Burn Down the District

Burn Down the District are a five-piece hardcore outfit from Chesterfield. Aptly named, they ‘leave a charred path of destruction in [their] wake’ (, 2017). They’re making waves in the local Sheffield scene, gaining acclaim for their energetic live performances, engaging crowd interaction, and brutal riffs. Having reached the Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses Semifinals in 2018, the only way for this band to go is UP!


Current single, “Burn:”






Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall are a symphonic metal band based in Staffordshire. The Dames of Darkness Festival veterans, DWF are known for their epic symphonic sound and the amazing power and emotion behind Philippa Ricketts‘ belting vocals. The band sadly split in 2015 – but, fortunately for the Wonderful World of Symphonic Metal, they have decided to re-form! A new single is on its way and their first return gig will be at AoniaFest. We are proud to have them!


Title Track from their 2014 album, “Dreamcrusher:” 




Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew are a five-piece power rock band from Nottinghamshire, UK. Since their first show in 2007, they’ve been regulars on the biker show circuit, as well as opening for acts such as Voodoo Six and Terrorvision’s Tony Wright. Good fun, with hard-hitting riffs and a live show that ‘keeps the throttle pressed firmly to the floor,’ they perform great tunes with memorable lyrics that will have the crowd singing along. With two albums under their belts and a third underway, Skeleton Crew will deliver a great set of fun, catchy, powerful rock.


Video, “Oppressor:”




This State of Ours

This State of Ours are a five-piece heavy alternative rock band based in Rotherham, UK. Influenced by bands such as Deftones and Incubus, this band is heavy in its musicality, with melodic alto vocals. Having reached the Bloodstock Metal to the Masses finals in 2018, the band is pushing forward, playing festivals such as Beanfest and Barnsley Live. With amazing stage presence and crowd interaction, This State of Ours is a live band you have to see!


Current single, “Another Light:”