James Leaves Aonia

We have happy-sad news today in the Aonia Family. The sad part first: our guitarist and founding member James (aka ‘Carrot’) has sadly taken the decision to leave the band. The happy part: he has decided to leave due to the incredible news that he is going to be a dad!

James has been an integral part of the band for 9 years. Most notably, he recorded and mixed ‘The Seven.’ We’re grateful to James for the years of dedication, friendship and music.

If you are able to come and raise a glass to James, his final show will be Women of Steel on the 29th of June at the RS Bar, Sheffield. We wish James the best of luck in his new adventure of fatherhood!

If you’re planning to come and see us later in the year, fear not – no booked shows will be affected by James’ departure.

James’ statement is below:


James – It is with mixed emotions that I made the following announcement: after much deliberation and emotional preparation, I have decided to leave Aonia.

The decision is a direct result of a major change in my life – I am now an expectant father.

Obviously, this is absolutely joyous news for me and my wife, but it means that I will no longer be able to commit the amount of time that the band both requires and deserves.

It has been an incredible 9 years, full of many ups and downs, line-up changes, album delays…but every gig and every rehearsal has been a joy to be involved in.

My proudest moments include my involvement in the conception and production in my studio of album ‘The Seven.’ I learned so much and am forever grateful to my bandmates for their faith and patience while I literally learned how to produce on the job! Also, the fantastic achievement of playing the Bloodstock New Blood Stage in 2018 – hands down my favourite experience! And being the main creative influence on songs such as ‘Sunchaser,’ ‘Echoes,’ ‘Warrior’s Path,’ ‘Sirens’ Lament,’ ‘Still, I Rise,’ and ‘Eye of the Storm.’ If you’re a fan of any of these songs, then – you’re welcome! 😉

Not wanting to drag this out too long, I just want to say a massive thank you to all of my bandmates, all of whom are incredibly talented and deserve every success! You have made this experience an amazing one that will stay in my memory and my heart forever.

And most of all, thanks to the phenomenal Aonia Family – one of the greatest communities on the Internet today! It’s the fans that make all the effort worthwhile so please continue your amazing support, not just for Aonia but for music on the whole. Go to gigs, buy their shit and stay involved!

Also – best of luck to my successor!

Love you all!