New Members

We are very excited to announce that Aonia has not one, but TWO new members as we continue through 2013!

Firstly, Przemek ‘Slick’ Druzkowski joined us in February and has been rocking out onstage since – well, since before he had his first rehearsal, joining us at a private party for a band family member two days after he was offered the place. His varied musical interests and sheer skill with a guitar have beefed out our sound considerably and has the rest of Aonia constantly pushing up to the next level!

In addition to being a fantastic musician, Slick has a creative ear for writing – and he makes his own guitars! He’s also a great guy who has fit in immediately, adding to the band’s enjoyment of playing music and to Aonia’s stage presence.

Secondly, Aonia is pleased to announce that, following popular demand after her performance at The Roadhouse in Birmingham, operatically trained Joanne Robinson is going to become a permanent member of the band. Watch out everyone – Aonia is now dual-wielding vocals!

To begin with, Joanne will be mostly doing backing and some dual vocals and will mostly at the more high-profile gigs. However, the band plans to craft future songs in such a way that both vocal parts will be lead parts, bringing Joanne’s golden voice further to the forefront.

We are excited about this new endeavour and will keep our friends and fans updated on when Joanne’s official debut will be!

Bios for Joanne and Slick will be on the website soon and we are sure our friends and fans will welcome them into the Aonia family.