“Sunchaser” release plans: July 25th 2014

Be mused!

Aonia discloses details of forthcoming release

Midlands-based mythic, melodic metal septet Aonia are currently cloistered away, writing and recording their next release – a five-track EP of just under half an hour – which is planned for release on the 25th of July 2014. In a contrast to their dark, horror-inspired first release, ‘City of Shadows’, the new ‘mini-album’, entitled ‘Sunchaser’ is a mixture of the uplifting – and the angry. Aonia’s new material sees the band dipping their toes further into progressive and power metal waters, with more prominent and intricate keyboards, as well as featuring dual lead coloratura soprano vocals.

RSVP to the Facebook event for the launch party here!

The Salutation Inn in Nottingham has been chosen by the band specifically – it’s a great pub known for real ales, real ciders, great sound and a friendly atmosphere. As a thank you for having the best fans in the world, this event will be free entry!

The first band confirmed as support for this event is Divided We Fall. Fresh off the back of their success supporting Xandria and Stream of Passion at The Dames of Darkness Festival, Divided We Fall have recently released an album that is getting rave reviews by critics – called by one ‘better than Nightwish’s first release’. To get an idea of their style, check out their album teaser here!

Secondly, we have also confirmed power-prog metallers Dakesis. Aonia last shared the stage with Dakesis at Frostival in February and had an absolute blast. Their successes include numerous supports for touring bands as well as playing on the Jaeger stage at Bloodstock!
According to PlanetMosh, Dakesis write “…tracks that want to make you throw on your denim jacket, grab a beer and head bang like a mad man!” To get a sense of their style, check out their YouTube channel!

Finally, The Mighty Wraith will be joining this amazing line-up on 25th July. Wraith’s successes include: Bloodstock Metal 2 the Masses finalists in 2012 and 2014, as well as supporting bands such as Diamondhead and Captain Horizon. The best way to describe The Mighty Wraith is as good, fun, uplifting power metal at its most metal!

Merch deals will be announced in the coming months – Aonia looks forward to seeing you there!

Further details and band members’ thoughts are below.

About the upcoming release, co-vocalist Mel remarks, “Adding (co-vocalist) Jo to the band has given the music a whole new depth and life and I’m so excited by it. We’ve sung together for years – classically – so we’re really comfortable with each other. Having the opportunities for harmonies and contrasts really adds something special to the music. (Guitarist) James has taken on a more prominent role with backing vocals as well, so having the tenor to balance against keeps the vocals and the music cohesive. (Bassist) Gary and (drummer) Tony keep getting tighter and tighter, trying new, adventurous and creative ideas. Finally, (guitarist) Slick can shred like a cheese grater strapped to a chainsaw and Tim’s keys add so much drama and emphasis to the music. I am so overwhelmed by how much our music has evolved since we’ve started preparing this release, while still keeping the heart of Aonia sacred.”

Bassist Gary considers his time in Aonia (since January of 2012). “”Having a done a lot of gigs in the last 2 years, it will be nice to have some time to reflect on the songs as individual parts and hear them as they will sound in their purest form. I am also looking forward to getting the latest songs created by the new line up out there to as many people as possible. Also, it is fantastic that we are all going to be contributing to the artwork – although I imagine my bass playing skills are definitely stronger than my drawing skills!”

Guitarist James is also looking forward to the final product – and this is his first recording experience, as he wasn’t in the band when ‘City of Shadows’ was recorded. “Having been in the band for 3 years now, I’ve seen virtually all of the various line-up changes. I can honestly say that we as a band have never felt so secure and comfortable with each other and I’m so excited by our future – now more than ever! And I’ll be selling something that I actually wrote too, which in itself is exciting!”

Keyboardist Tim says, “As the newest member of the band, I have been struck by the great atmosphere and rapport there is between us. The songs have such energy and we have an awesome live sound with Mel and Jo’s vocals giving us a melodic and harmonic edge that you don’t get in other bands. The musicianship in the band is awesome and I hope I can do the songs justice – I can’t wait to finish the new EP and to play them to our fans – at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about!”

Vocal recordings, along with the final mixing, will be done by Simon Cliffe of Coventry Recording Studios, who has recorded bands such as Beholder and Internal Conflict. A release party is being planned at the Salutation Inn, Nottingham on 25th July 2014.