The 12 Days of Bloodstock Countdown!

As Bloodstock Festival draws ever nearer, we are giving our lovely Aonia Family the chance to win some cool freebies, along with some sneak peeks at our set, merch, and performance.


Please follow the Aonia Facebook page for these updates – and we’ll post them here as well, editing this post!


Sing with me…


On the twelfth day of Bloodstock, Aonia gave to me…


A flash sale on the single,


Our set time for the fest,


Free downloads of “Reflections,”


A Pre-Order for the album,


Free copies of “Violet Hours”


A brand-new merch store


The lyrics for the set list


Two rockin’ scrims!


The T-shirt designs,


Our set list for Bloodstock,


An awesome warm-up show,


and a chance to win a Sunchaser EP!


More Details


Day 12

Well, it’s nearly here! From now until 14/8/18, download “Violet Hours” from our webshop for just 39p! See you at Bloodstock!

Day 11

We can now announce that we are onstage at 4:30pm on Saturday the 11th of August!

Day 10

Sign up to our mailing list and get a free download of “Reflections” from the “Sunchaser” EP!

Day 9

Pre-order the album and save £1 off the price after release (on 6/10/18 at AoniaFest II)!


Day 8

Collect a stamp (pictured) from a member of Aonia before our set on Saturday. Show the stamp to our Mistress of Merch, Laura, and she will give you a FREE copy of the “Violet Hours” single CD. (While supplies last.) I foresee no way this could possibly be taken too far…ANYWAY.


Day 7

Thanks to our awesome webmaster Sean, we now have a fully functioning merch store online!  There’s something for everyone and every budget and a little story to go with each item. Even the drum equipment is excited.

Day 6

Lyrics for our five songs in our Bloodstock set – sing along with Jo and Mel! Images from Pixabay



Day 5

These 4’x4′ beautiful stage scrims were made by Jonny Harper of Sworn Amongst, based on Andy Pilkington’s Very Metal Art design. How beautiful are these?

Day 4

Based on the artwork for our upcoming album “The Seven,” this Very Metal Art design looks great on these shirts by Monster Screen Prints. They’ll be available from the Bloodstock merch stand and will have a limited edition back print!


Day 3

We had fun playing ‘Hangman’ on the Facebook page and in the Aonia Family group – here are the five songs we’ll be playing during our half-hour set on the 11th of August!

Day 2

We’ve got an awesome warm-up show on the 8th of August with Skiltron, who are playing at the Festival on Thursday the 9th! Also on the bill are Lux Perpetua, Merichane, Soul Shredder, and Le Menhir. Share the event from the Facebook page and you could win a beautiful bottle opener keyring to be picked up at the show!

Day 1

We made a short video to promote our appearance at Bloodstock. Share it from our Facebook post (and comment) and you could win a “Sunchaser” EP to be picked up at the Festival!