Tony and Gary Resign

Sadly, Tony and Gary (drums and bass) have both left Aonia – Tony to focus on setting up his own project, and Gary due to a change in work hours.

We are deeply saddened by these changes, as Tony was a founding member of Aonia. (James and Mel are also founding members.) Also, Tony was the only remaining founding member of Aonia’s mother-band, Cathexis. He’s been a real driving force in the band, doing everything from designing merch, to planning AoniaFest, to playing drums – and it won’t be the same without him.

Gary has been a member of the Aonia family for the past four years. He has been supportive, creative, and a source of great entertainment for the rest of us. He’s a genuinely kind person as well as a very talented player – and we hope that he continues to play music in the future.

We wish both Tony and Gary luck in the future. Slick put it best when he said, “The good that has happened in the past – let it stay forever. Let the sun shine always on your way.”