Praise for ‘Sunchaser’

Praise has already started rolling in for the latest release, ‘Sunchaser’! The kind folks at Pagan Hel have said: “The rhythms are punchy and bold and pursues an invigorating encounter with plenty of potently addictive hooks and sumptuous keyboard melodies. The vocals are completed to a high precision assault and very diverse, thrusting out a deep elegance and go all out to tempt and fuel the tracks with resounding urgency!” Read the full, track-by-track review here!

The first people to review us were the amazing Female-Fronted aficionados at Ravenheart Music who say “Aonia…give the listener a feast of Melodic Metal, with a Symphonic undercurrent to satisfy the Female Fronted taste buds.” You can read their full review here!

We will add more reviews to the page as they come in. We are also hugely grateful to Aii Radio, Ravenheart Radio and Doctor John’s Unsigned Rock Surgery for playing our music on their stations. Jo and Mel will be doing a ‘Spotlight’ interview on Aii radio on the 4th of August – so mark your calendars!

More praise for “Sunchaser” has arrived with us today, following a very successful launch last night!

“Here we have five quality, epic and grandiose tracks of diverse female fronted Metal with the finest operatic vocals on offer. Highly Recommended …. 10/10” – Black Phoenix, Black Phoenix Rising

“Another one for the 10 star collection, RQ approved metal delights!” – Jenny Tate, Jenny Tate’s Blog

“It’s a very accomplished piece of work, and there’s a great deal of technicality injected into the music. It’s also well produced, with no unnecessary trickery to try and enhance it. It sounds polished, but not overly so, and still manages to retain some edginess.” – Jon Seymour, TBFM

“Their music has a directness to it which cuts through all the usual stuffiness you get when less well known bands try to do what the likes of Nightwish are masters at. Rather than copy, this Worksop based group have taken to building their own road.” – Gary Trueman, Get Your Rock Out

“This is a truly enjoyable slice of operatic/symphonic metal – highly recommended.” – Iain Purdie, Moshville Times

“The flawless interaction of two and at times even three voices throughout the “Sunchaser” is just one aspect of the proficiency in composition displayed on this record. There are some rather captivating soundscapes on “Echoes” and “Nightmares” that contest similar passages on the aforementioned albums by Nightwish.” – Metal Feed Machine

“The collective experience of the band was apparent in thoughtful composition and arrangement.” – Scott Foster, Skullbanger.Net

“The nice powerful guitar riffs contrast and complement the soaring vocals, and the final result is an excellent EP that’s definitely recommended for fans of female fronted metal, particularly those bands that use operatic vocals.” – Ant May, Planet Mosh

“Sincerely recommended for every listener who appreciates melody and perfection in music!” – Katarzyna Zakolska, Metal Temple

“…Het moge duidelijk zijn dat het toch wel redelijk volle female fronted genre met dit Aonia weer een talentvolle band rijker is.” Roughly… “The female fronted genre is another band richer with Aonia.” Lords of Metal