Statement regarding Rock & Blues

Our apologies to fans who were looking forward to seeing us at Rock & Blues on Friday – unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, we were dropped from the bill approximately two weeks ago. It seems that the compère and stage management team weren’t aware that we had been dropped and informed the crowd that we just didn’t show up. I want to reassure our fans that this is definitely NOT the case.

Aonia has been going since 2010. We have played dozens (if not hundreds) of shows – and we have pulled out of none. We do not pull out of shows that we book and we certainly don’t skip out on shows we’ve booked without letting anyone know! I personally am really upset that this has happened because it has made us look like we don’t care about our commitments or our fans – and that is certainly not the case!

So, if you missed us at Rock & Blues, you can see us on 5th September at The Londesborough, Bridlington; 18th September at The Diamond, Sutton-in-Ashfield; on 31st October at The Courthouse, Barnsley; 1st November at The Woolpack, Doncaster or 23rd November at Valkyrian Festival.