‘The Seven’ – Digital Download


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Do you want to own “The Seven” but your CD shelves are pretty full, and since we start with ‘A,’ you’d have to move everything, and it’ll take hours, and it’s Saturday and it’s nice outside, but instead you’ve got to shift 49850349583409 CDs over one slot to put ‘Aonia’ toward the top?


Well, now you can own “The Seven” without the hassle of physically having a CD and moving your collection about!


Enjoy ten tracks (63 minutes) of ‘oprog’ goodness for just £5.99. That’s less than a pound per track! (I can do Maths, me!)


You’ll be given a link to download the MP3s in a handy .zip file, along with the album artwork. Pretty nifty, eh?


Difficult to sign, though. I mean, we could sign your phone or MP3 player or something but then that would probably just make you annoyed. 


Anyway…download “The Seven” and enjoy!