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How cute are these? They look like little baby records! Seriously, how cool is that? It’s like someone took a 45 single and left it in water overnight and it shrank. How cool would it be if it were actually a vinyl? Yeah, but no, it’s a CD though. Vinyl is hella expensive, and we already killed enough vinyl babies making the stickers. Imagination is the gateway to the universe, so let’s pretend together.

These have got two tracks on them – our single, “Violet Hours” (bet ya couldn’t guess it!) and a live version of “Prophecy of the Fallen Kingdom” off of the “City of Shadows” EP. But it’s better now because it has two vocals, plus real keyboards and not just what Mel could do with one hand while singing at the same time. If you listen really carefully, you can hear David shout, “Was that right?” at the end.

“But I can download the single off of iTunes for just 79p!” I hear you cry.

Yes, but only the physical copies have “Prophecy” on them.

“But I can probably get it from any number of illegal download sites and not have to pay you a dime!” shout people who probably would sell their own grandmothers to the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.™

Yeah, well, do that then. We’ll be over here, silently judging you.

Also, this will be the last run we do of these – so if you want the live version of ‘Prophecy of the Fallen Kingdom,’ get in quick!

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